I am the founder of LinkLocker, a subscription-based, privacy-centric bookmarking service. There are no social features at all, and the entire site was built from the ground up with respect for your privacy in mind. Currently the service is Web-only (with a REST API), but we hope to release an iOS app soon.


I am a filmmaker. Some of my films are on Amazon Prime Video.


PootiePets is a goofy iMessage sticker pack I made. It also (partially, sans animation) works with Signal. It consists of a bunch of drawings of farting animals.


RandoRando is a truly-random number generator based on the API. I built it a few years ago while learning to build Web apps with Python and Flask, and every now and then I find it to be a handy little tool.

  • Microblogger is a workflow for Alfred 3 which facilitates easy posting to sites from an Alfred prompt.
    • The related is a standalone Python script written for use on iOS with Pythonista and Drafts, but it can be easily adapted for other purposes.
Jarrod Whaley @jbwhaley
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