Stan The Obscurities: THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE

I’m the guest wiseass-in-residence on the latest episode of Stan Tbe Obscurities, a new film criticism podcast hosted by my old friends Alejandro Adams and Sara Vizcarrondo. We dive into the tiny microgenre of 1970’s political thrillers, with a particular focus on trying to convince you not to watch Stanley Kramer’s The Domino Principle. It’s on Amazon Prime Video, if you wish to defy us and watch it.

Which you should totally do if you’re a fan of unchecked paranoia, bad wigs, or Mickey Rooney’s nipple hair. Yes, that’s right.

Either way, I think you’ll enjoy our discussion. It’s a great listen whether you defy us and watch the film or not.

Jarrod Whaley @jbwhaley
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